The Team Jackson Saga: Part Two

Let’s keep time-hopping!

Here’s part two of the #TeamJackson saga, now fully seven years ago.

While ALL my cats are lap cats, save Tyler, who only sat on my lap a handful of times, no one took over a lap quite like Jackson.

With Jackson, if you planned to relax in your chair, you best be sure you went to the bathroom, because you weren’t going anywhere for hours when he curled up on you and went to sleep.

Jackson was very much the ultimate lap cat.

Originally published in my Blogger blog exactly seven years ago today, June 18th, 2015:

#TeamJackson Update: Cancer Schmancer!

Jackson has been the happiest cat since he came home this past Friday. Non-stop cuddling, sleeping, window watching, and just being Jackson....the gentle giant.

Last night I got the best possible news from the vet. Last Thursday during surgery, when they opened his bladder it appeared to be badly shaped and swollen, with a lot of scar tissue. At first, the vet suspected the possibility of a tumor or cancer within the large amount of scar tissue in his bladder. This, of course, set my mind racing and my heart sinking. The only way to know for sure, the vet said, was to biopsy the scar tissue and await the lab results.

SIX WHOLE DAYS LATER, the vet had the test results: NO CANCER! WHEW. Thank the lord! What the tests did show were a lot of fancy medical terms that basically boil down to a severely infected bladder as well as the effects of the bladder stones. A major relief! Jackson has a clean bill of health!

Following a post-op on Saturday, where they will make sure the incision is healing properly and administer an antibiotic injection, he will be home free.

Jackson has made a REMARKABLE comeback, considering how sick he was last week. He's all heart, and a wonderful cat that I am just so lucky to be the "owner" of. He's just a big, lazy love and I look forward to a lifetime of lazy chair naps together.

Thank you ALL for your incredible love, support, and advice throughout this ordeal. The outpouring of what became #TeamJackson totally caught me off guard. Thank you all!

Last, but never least, thank you to Jackson's godparents. I will never be able to thank you both properly, so I'm just going to keep saying: thank you. You saved his life in every possible way. You're both just the best people I have ever known, and Jackson is beyond lucky to have such incredible godparents.

#TeamJackson strong!



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