From Whence Vance Came

From Whence Vance Came.

Is that proper English?

Whence, as I understand it, means origin.

Like where you came from.

Thanks to my dear cat rescue friend, I know exactly where my Vance came from.

This was where he lived until he was rescued from the streets six months ago by my rescue friend:

This was Vance’s life before he came to be rescued by my dear friend.

One among many colony cats.

Bullied. He has a scar or two on his ears to prove it.

Chased. My friend had to feed him separately from the rest to make sure he got food.

Having to sleep outside, or in an abandoned car.

Yet, he would let her pet him, and was very friendly. Orange cats tend to be that way.

The rest, as they say, is history.

This is Vance’s life now:

Vance will know nothing but love, safety, comfort, and a good home, with me, for the rest of his life.

I dedicate this post to my dear rescue friend Kim, without whom Vance would not have found his way into my home and into my heart.

Thanks, Kim. You’re the best.

Folks, adopt.

Don’t shop.

If you see a cat show up in your yard, leave some food. Some chicken, some tuna, SOMETHING.

If you have a spare box, line it with something and leave it for that cat to sleep or get out of the rain.

You may not be able to approach the cat, but TRUST ME, they will appreciate having a source of food.

I have 5 that show up to my door and they ALWAYS get fed and ALWAYS have a safe place with me.

If you can donate to a local rescue group, DO SO.

If you have the time and resources, contact a local rescue group and ask how you can help. I GUARANTEE they need the help and would appreciate it.

There is no love greater than the love of a cat, and there is no greater reward on this earth greater than knowing you’re doing your part to help the countless cats that did not end up as lucky as my Vance.



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